Map Detail #1: Stones River - Troop Movement Map - 6 AM, December 31, 1862

Map Detail #2: Stones River - Troop Movement Map - Union Counter Attack, Evening, January 2, 1863

Map Detail #3: Stones River - Troop Movement Map - Noon, December 31, 1862

Stone’s River – A Digital History Collection. The Battle of Stones River was one of the bloodiest of the war. More than 3,000 men lay dead on the field. Nearly 16,000 more were wounded. Some of these men spent as much as seven agonizing days on the battlefield before help could reach them. The two armies sustained nearly 24,000 casualties, which was almost one-third of the 81,000 men engaged.

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  • 30+ Articles (Journals, Magazines etc.)
  • 50+ Photos & artwork. Photo and artwork gallery
  • 25+ Maps.
  • 140+ Books in PDF format.                                                                                         

Artwork Detail: Battle of Murfreesboro

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