Civil War Prisons- A Digital History Collection. In response to requests from visitors to this site, we have compiled the most thorough collection of Civil War Prison resources in the public domain you will find anywhere. The collection details below say it all.                          

Collection Details:

  • 700+ articles from newspapers, journals, magazines.
  • 200+ pieces of photos/artwork in 300 dpi hi res. Photo and artwork gallery>>>
  • 230+ books in PDF format.
  • 9 Volumes of Official Records, Series 2. Correspondence, orders, reports and returns, Union and Confederate, relating to prisoners of war and, so far as the military authorities were concerned, to state or political prisoners.
  • 145 volumes of the Selected Records of the War Department Relating to Confederate Prisoners of War, 1861 - 1865. Open the Guide to this Collection>>>

Flash Drive Cover Art

Photo: Elmira Prison, Elmira, New York.

Photo: Lt. James B. Washington, a Confederate prisoner, with Capt. George A. Custer of the 5th Cavalry, U.S.A.

Map Detail: Andersonville, by Robert Knox Sneden.

Photo: Libby Prison.

Map Detail: Plan of Camp Lawton, or the rebel prison near Millen, Georgia ... November 1864

Photo Detail: Chattanooga, Tenn. Confederate prisoners at railroad depot.

Photo Detail: Charleston, S.C. Interior view of Castle Pinckney.

Photo Detail: Washington, D.C., General William Hoffman, Commissary General of Prisoners (at right) and staff on steps of office, F. St. at 20th NW.

Photo Detail: Building stockade, Alexandria, Va

Photo Detail: Castle Thunder.

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