Fredericksburg – A Digital History Collection. General Ambrose E. Burnside inherited the Army of the Potomac on November 7, 1862. Its 120,000 men occupied camps near Warrenton, Virginia. Within two days, the 38 year-old Indiana native proposed abandoning McClellan's sluggish southwesterly advance in favor of a 40-mile dash across country to Fredericksburg. Such a maneuver would position the Federal army on the direct road to Richmond, the Confederate capital, as well as ensure a secure supply line to Washington.

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Map Detail: Section from a map by Robert Knox Sneden

Artwork Detail: Section of a drawing showing the charge of Humphrey’s Division

Photo Detail: A hospital at Fredericksburg

Flash Drive Cover Art

Photo Detail: Fortifications. Fredericksburg

Photo Detail: Fredericksburg, Marye's Heights, sunken road.

Photo Detail: Fredericksburg, Va. Soldiers filling canteens.

Map Detail: Plan of the Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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