War on the Mississippi – A Digital History Collection. The lower Mississippi River valley was the most critical theater of the Civil War. The Mississippi River served as the major interstate highway of nineteenth-century America. Follow Union and Confederate forces as they struggle to control the Mississippi River valley. With Missouri securely under Union control by the fall of 1861, both sides massed troops--the North along the Ohio River and the South across Tennessee. Newly commissioned Union General Ulysses S. Grant was stationed in Cairo, Illinois, to watch southern troops in Tennessee. Each side waited and watched, careful not to tip the balance in Kentucky toward the other.

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Photo Detail: Gunboat Essex, Mississippi River Fleet

Artwork Detail: The Banks Expedition

Artwork Detail: Capture of New Orleans

Photo Detail: Admiral David Dixon Porter

Photo Detail: Coaling Farragut’s Fleet at Baton Rouge

Photo Detail: Street view, Vicksburg

Photo Detail: Provost Marshal’s Guard House, Vicksburg

Photo Detail: U.S. Signal Corps Headquarters, Vicksburg

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