The Peninsular Campaign - A Digital History Collection: The Peninsula Campaign took place during the American Civil War as a major Union operation in southeastern Virginia from March 1862 through July 1862. The first large-scale offensive, the campaign was head by Major General George B. McClellan and was an attempt to capture Richmond. While at first successful against Joseph E. Johnston, Robert E. Lee soon emerged and the campaign turned into a Union defeat.

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Photo detail: Fair Oaks, Va., vicinity of Horatio G. Gibson's C and G Batteries

Photo detail: Savannah, Ga., vicinity. Signal station on the Ogeechee at Fort McAllister

Photo detail: Yorktown, Virginia. Confederate battery. Magruder with 8-inch Columbiads. Federal transports in the river

Artwork detail: Wool's landing place at Ocean View

Artwork detail: The Mozart (40th N.Y.) and the Scott Life Guard (38th N.Y.) taking possession of the Red Redoubt

Artwork detail: Battle of Malvern Hill

Map detail: Battle of Malvern Hill

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