Shiloh- A Digital History Collection. At daybreak, Sunday, April 6, the Confederates stormed out of the woods and assailed the forward Federal camps around Shiloh Church. Grant and his nearly 40,000 men present for duty were equally surprised by the onslaught. The Federals soon rallied, however, and bitter fighting consumed “Shiloh Hill.” Throughout the morning, Confederate brigades slowly gained ground, forcing Grant's troops to give way, grudgingly, to fight a succession of defensive stands at Shiloh Church, the Peach Orchard, Water Oaks Pond, and within an impenetrable oak thicket battle survivors named the Hornets' Nest.

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Map Detail: Shiloh or Battle of Pittsburg Landing by Robert Knox Sneden

Map Detail: Battle of Pittsburg Landing by Robert Knox Sneden

Map Detail: General Buell's map of the Battlefield of Shiloh

Artwork Detail: Charge of the First Arkansas Confederate Infantry in the Hornet's Nest

Artwork Detail: Bivouac of the Federal troops, Sunday night

Artwork Detail: Pittsburg Landing, from a photograph taken a few days after the battle

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