John George Nicolay Civil War Papers - The Lincoln File. The papers of John George Nicolay (1831-1901) reflect Nicolayís long political career, particularly his tenure as private secretary to Abraham Lincoln, and documents his numerous literary activities. A Lincoln file of material gathered by the Nicolays for their published works relating to Abraham Lincoln; transcripts of diaries and notes of Lincolnís associates and other materials. (Page Count > 11,000)

Lincoln File

1830-1861, Personal traits.pdf

1858, Senatorial campaign.pdf

1861-1865, Newspaper clippings.pdf

1861-1865, Personal traits during the administration, daily routine, and personal appearance.pdf

19 Nov 1863, Gettysburg Address, Notes.pdf

A History and Complete Works, Corrections for second edition.pdf


Baldwin, John B., mission, and the president 4 Apr 1861.pdf

Cabinet dinner papers, 1864, Jan. 21 and 1861, Mar. 28.pdf

Campaign of 1860 and journey to Washington, D.C. Notes.pdf

Campbell Tarr papers on West Virginia and Lincoln's attitude.pdf

Dinner to Prince Napoleon, 3 Aug 1861.pdf

Diplomatic dinner and list of foreign diplomats, 1861, July 4.pdf

During the administration, Loaves and fishes.pdf

During the administration, Military.pdf

During the administration, Senators and cabinet, and related matter.pdf

During the administration. Emancipation, simple manners, and appearance.pdf

Early years.pdf

Emancipation and causes of conflict, Nicolay notes.pdf

Etiquette and official intercourse, 1861-1865.pdf

Facsimiles. Springfield, Illinois, and Gettysburg addresses.pdf

First meeting between Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant. 1861-1865.pdf

Formation of Republican Party; Lincoln-Douglas Debates.pdf

Lincoln and Joseph Hooker.pdf

Lincoln articles from newspapers and related matter.pdf

Lincoln books. By Nicolay. Press notices.pdf

Lincoln campaign and administration, 1860-1865.pdf

Lincoln in Politics.pdf

Lincoln memoranda, 1833-1860.pdf

Lincoln memoranda. Conversations with Orville Hickman Browning, Jacob Bunn, and.pdf

Lincoln memoranda. Conversations with Ward Hill Lamon, E. D. Mill, and others.pdf

Lincoln miscellany, Printed matter gleaned from many sources.pdf

Lincoln Stories.pdf

Lincolnís character and appearance.pdf

Lincolnís family. Ancestry, relatives, wife, and children.pdf

Lincolnís personal appearance and other articles from The Century.pdf

McClure, Alexander K, Controversy with Nicolay.pdf

Memoranda regarding compilation of the Complete Works of Abraham Lincoln.pdf

Modern ways of governing.pdf

Notes gathered for the intended publication - Abraham Lincolnís Faith in God.pdf

Personal Traits, Material used by Helen Nicolay.pdf

Personal traits. Notes, authorities, and miscellany.pdf

Porter, Fitz John, Report, 1861.pdf

Reminiscences of Lincoln.pdf

Some incidents in Lincoln's journey from Springfield, Illinois, to Washington, D.C.pdf

Spurious quotations and Almquist story.pdf

State dinner, 1864, June 21.pdf

States rights, Secession.pdf

Supplement to Complete Works of Abraham Lincoln.pdf

The pardoning power, Lincoln notes.pdf

Trent affair, 1861, Nov. 8.pdf

U.S. War department, Copies of original documents that Nicolay permitted the War Department to inspect and copy.pdf

Unpublished paragraphs, Emancipation.pdf

Unpublished paragraphs, Lincolnís early years.pdf

Unpublished paragraphs, Slavery.pdf

Unpublished paragraphs. James Buchanan and his cabinet; Charleston, S.C., forts.pdf

General Correspondence, 1861-1869

1861, Jan.-Feb.pdf

1861, July-Aug.pdf

1861, Mar.-Apr.pdf

1861, May-June.pdf

1861, Nov.-Dec., [1861].pdf

1861, Sept.-Oct.pdf

1862, Jan.-Feb.pdf

1862, July-Aug.pdf

1862, Mar.-Apr.pdf

1862, May-June.pdf

1862, Nov.-Dec., [1862].pdf

1862, Sept.-Oct.pdf

1863 - Sept - Oct.pdf

1863 Nov - Dec.pdf

1863, Jan.-Feb.pdf

1863, July-Aug.pdf

1863, Mar.-Apr.pdf

1863, May-June.pdf

1864, July-Aug.pdf

1864, Mar.-Apr..pdf

1864, May-June.pdf

1864, Nov.-Dec.pdf

1864, Sept.-Oct..pdf

1865, Dec., [1865].pdf

1865, Jan.-Feb.pdf

1865, July-Aug.pdf

1865, Mar.-Apr..pdf

1865, May-June.pdf

1865, Sept.-Oct.pdf

1866, Aug.-Dec., [1866].pdf

1866, Jan.-July.pdf

1867, Jan.-Aug.pdf

1867, Sept.-Dec.pdf



Notebooks and Bound Correspondence

Diplomatic correspondence, 1861.pdf

Notebook - 1863.pdf

Notebook- 1862, Feb-Mar.pdf

Scrapbook of a correspondences and memorabilia, 1856-1870.pdf

Transcripts, 1860-1865.pdf

Transcripts of diaries of Lincolnís associates

Anderson, Robert, Diary and Letters.pdf

Bates, Edward, Diary.pdf

Dahlgren, John Adolphus, Diary (extracts) ,1861, Apr.-1863, May.pdf

Hay, John, Diary (extracts) 1861, Apr.-1863, Sept.pdf

Hay, John, Diary (extracts) 1862-1863.pdf

Hay, John, Diary (extracts) 1863, July-1864, Sept.pdf

Hay, John, Diary (extracts) 1863, Oct.-1864, Jan.pdf

Hay, John, Diary (extracts) 1864, Jan.-Dec.pdf

Meigs, Montgomery C., Diary (copy), 1861, Mar.-Sept.pdf

Welles, Gideon, Diary and Notes (extracts) 1860-1862.pdf

Welles, Gideon, Diary and Notes (extracts) 1862, Sept.-1863, Jan. 1.pdf

Welles, Gideon, Diary and Notes (extracts) circa 1862, Sept.-1865, Apr.pdf


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