Gettysburg Ė A Commemorative Special Edition. Fought over the first three days of July 1863, the Battle of Gettysburg was one of the most crucial battles of the Civil War. The fate of the nation literally hung in the balance that summer of 1863 when General Robert E. Lee, commanding the "Army of Northern Virginia", led his army north into Maryland and Pennsylvania, bringing the war directly into northern territory. The Union "Army of the Potomac", commanded by Major General George Gordon Meade, met the Confederate invasion near the Pennsylvania crossroads town of Gettysburg, and what began as a chance encounter quickly turned into a desperate, ferocious battle.

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Map Detail: Section from a map showing movement of Stuartís Cavalry

Map Detail: Section from a map of the Battle of Gettysburg

Artwork Detail: Section from a painting of the Battle of Gettysburg

Photo Detail: Section from a photo of dead Confederate soldiers in the Devilís Den

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Newspaper samples: This collection contains 290+ Regional newspapers of the time covering June, 1863 to August, 1863. Relive the Battle Of Gettysburg through the correspondents covering the conflict. These are full newspaper sheets, not clipped articles. There is a lot of Gettysburg history to explore. Click on the samples below.

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Photo Detail: Gettysburg, Pa. John L. Burns, the old hero of Gettysburg.

Collection Details:

  • 110+ Articles (Journals, Magazines etc.)
  • 250+ Photos & artwork.      Artwork gallery   Photo gallery
  • 40+ Maps.
  • 270+ Books in PDF format.
  • 3 volumes of Gettysburg Official Records
  • 290+ regional newspapers.

Please note that the gallery samples are smaller and lower resolution so they can be viewed online. The images and maps in the collection are 300 dpi resolution.

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