Map Detail: Position of the 11th corps near Chancellorsville at 6 PM, May 2nd, 1863

Map Detail: Chancellorsville, including operations from April 29th to May 5th, 1863

Map Detail: Troops movements between 10 a.m. and 3 P.M. on May 3rd,1863

Map Detail: Chancellorsville, Virginia,  position of Union Army, 2nd May 1863

Artwork detail: Scene on the U.S. Ford road, on the night of April 30, 1863

Artwork detail: Field hospital (2nd Corps) on the battlefield of Chancellorsville

Photo detail: Artillery Regulars Before Chancellorsville

Photo detail: Palmer's field, on Orange Turnpike, Confederate entrenchments

Photo detail: Chancellorsville (Ruins), State Routes 3 & 610

Artwork detail: Battle of Chancellorsville, Sunday, May 3rd, 1863

Artwork detail: Going into action.

Chancellorsville A Digital History Collection. Confederate leadership during the Chancellorsville Campaign may represent the finest generalship of the Civil War, but the luster of "Lee's greatest victory" tarnishes upon examination of the battle's tangible results. In truth, the Army of the Potomac had not been so thoroughly defeated - some 40,000 Federals had done no fighting whatsoever. Although Hooker suffered more than 17,000 casualties, those losses accounted for only 13% of his total strength. Lee's 13,000 casualties amounted to 22% of his army, men difficult to replace. Of course, Jackson's death on May 10 created a vacancy that could never be filled. Finally, Lee's triumph at Chancellorsville imbued him with the belief that his army was invincible. He convinced the Richmond government to endorse his proposed offensive into Pennsylvania. Within six weeks, the Army of Northern Virginia confidently embarked on a journey northward to keep an appointment with destiny at a place called Gettysburg.

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