Cedar Mountain to Second Manassas. A new threat to the Confederacy lurked in Northern Virginia in the summer of 1862. Two previous threat had already been successfully opposed by the Southerners. Confederate forces under Major General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson had thwarted Federal designs in the Shenandoah Valley earlier in the year. The emergence of General Robert E. Lee insured the safety of Richmond by driving Union troops away from the Confederate capital in the Seven Days battles. A desperate Lincoln Administration next turned to the bombastic Major General John Pope. Pope forged an army out of the several Union commands embarrassed by Jackson in the Valley and christened his new fighting force the Army of Virginia. Open the guide to the collection>>

Photo Detail: Ruins at Manassas Junction

Artwork Detail: Section from an illustration depicting the repulse of the Confederates

Map Detail: Section from a map of the Battle of Groveton ( 1 of a 70 map series)

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Photo Detail: Manassas Junction, telegraph station, mess house

Photo Detail: Ambulance Corps Removing Wounded Soldiers

Photo Detail: Army of the Potomac Encamped at Cumberland Landing

Photo Detail: Guarding the O&A Railroad Near Union Mills

Artwork Detail: The plains of Manassas, looking towards the Bull Run Mountains, from Gen. T.F. Meagher's headqs.

Artwork Detail: Manassas Junction, looking towards Bull Run and Centreville.

Map Detail: Plan of the Battle of Cedar Mountain, Virginia, August 9th, 1862.

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Photo Detail: Bull Run, Va. Ruins of railroad bridge at Blackburn's Ford

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