The Atlanta Campaign – A Digital History Collection. Under the command of General William T. Sherman, a large Federal force moved out of Chattanooga, Tennessee towards the Georgia capital. The smaller Confederate army led by General Joseph E. Johnston and later John B. Hood had the job of stopping this Federal onslaught. From May 7 until September 2, when Sherman’s troops moved into Atlanta, these armies collided and parried throughout Northwest Georgia. For the most part, the Confederates dug in while the Federals either attacked head-on or flanked around the battlements forcing the besieged force to withdraw, regroup, and dig in. The impact of the fall of Atlanta was instrumental in the eventual victory for the Federal forces. It boosted morale in the North and insured the reelection of President Abraham Lincoln which meant that the war would continue to the South’s capitulation. Click here to open the guide to the collection>>

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Map Detail: Campaign Maps of the 20th Corps from Chattanooga, Tenn. to Atlanta, Ga., May 18-19

Map Detail: Atlanta Campaign- Battle of Ezra Church - situation at 8am, 28 July 1864

Map Detail: Map of army operations Atlanta campaign between Cassville and Mariette and vicinity Prepared for and presented with compliments of Western and Atlantic R. R. Co.

Map Detail: Defenses around Atlanta.

Map Detail: Civil War Centennial, city of Atlanta-showing the area of the three major engagements and deployment of Union and Confederate forces during the summer of 1864.

Map Detail: Atlanta campaign-1864. Rossville to Snake Creek Gap

Photo Detail: Soldiers relaxing inside captured fort.

Photo Detail: Atlanta, Georgia, Fortifications.

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